about the arsonist army

The Arsonist Army is a promotional team dedicated to promoting Charlotte Martin's music.

The team is comprised of friends and fans from around the world. Missions and contests are announced with the goal of spreading the word about Charlotte and her music both on and off line. All new events and challenges are announced via the Arsonist Army Message Board and Newsletters. Details will vary but participation is always encouraged. Find your niche and help out in the ways that are most exciting to you.

:: Steps to become an 'Arsonist' - 1, 2, 3 ::

(1) Sign up to receive the Arsonist Army Newsletter;
(2) Join the Arsonist Army Message Board;
(3) Ask questions.

:: Newsletter ::

The team newsletter announces important information concerning Charlotte's music and her career, as well as team missions and contests.

:: Message Board ::

The team message board is an interactive forum that provides current information and announcements concerning the team. The message board also allows team members to directly communicate and to share promotional ideas.

:: Questions ::

The team is a group effort! Questions and comments are welcome.